A Different Kind of Run Club

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Submitted by: Lauren Walker

Richard Secord students flock to school early on Tuesday and Thursday mornings!  Why?  They're all excited get active before school!  Students participate in a variety of activities that change each day.  We run in the halls, play cooperative games, work out with kids fitness videos, dance to 'just dance' songs, and use a TON of Ever Active Schools resources such as domino fitness.

Why is our run club not a run club at all?  Well.... we found that we wanted to appeal to a variety of students who may not consider themselves runners at all. Richard Secord offers many sports clubs and intramurals, so we wanted to appeal to students who were just interested in being active. We opened the doors to students from K-6 and were overwhelmed by the response.  Over 130 students signed up to participate in this club.

The club has been a win win win for students, parents and school staff.  Students are active before school, and better able to participate in a day of learning, staff notice the difference in their students attitudes and attention, and parents/staff notice a marked difference in the morning drop off (fewer drop offs right at the bell, create a calmer drop off zone).

The Richard Secord ACTIVE STINGRAY club is a different kind of run club, for a broad audience!