Harry Potter Running Club

Mattie McCullough Elementary School

By AMA Youth Run Club Champion Kelly Roslinsky

Last spring, students, staff and parents from Mattie McCullough Elementary School had the opportunity to take part in our “Harry Potter Running Club” which was organized by our Ever Active Team. All students from grade 1-5 were invited to participate in practices twice a week for four weeks.

The students were organized in four teams, Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff, each having Team captains from the Ever Active Team. Each team had a team poster and met with their team in the gym before the run for a quick warm up. During the run, when the runners completed the 1km loop around our field, they collected 1 popsicle stick for their team. At the end of each running session, everyone went back to the gym and placed their popsicle sticks on their team’s poster. Team captains counted the popsicle sticks which gave them their points for the day. The team with the most points after our four weeks brought their lunches outside for a picnic in the field and some parachute games. Fun was had by all! 

“It was fun to be on different Harry Potter teams.” 

“I enjoyed running with my friends at lunch and it was great exercise!"