15 Tips from AMA Youth Run Club Participants ​​​​​​​

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These AMA Youth Run Club participants have at least a year of running under their belts and they have some great tips to offer new runners!

1. “Wear good running shoes.” – Emily, Grade 5, Forest Green School

2. “Always look where you are going so you don’t crash into anything.” – Matthew, Grade 3, Panorama Hills School

3. “Have a water bottle to drink from so you don’t get a funny feeling in your throat.” – Rhiana, Grade 3, Panorama Hills School

4. “Don’t run too fast or you’ll run out of breath.” – Joshua, Grade 3, Panorama Hills School

5. “Keep your body still and control your breathing.” – Ben, Grade 6, Stoney Creek Program

6. “Motivate yourself and never say you can’t do it.” – Olivia, Grade 4, Stoney Creek Program

7. “Run as fast as you can to the finish line.” – Ella, Grade 2, Stoney Creek Program

8. “Warm up before or you’ll be very sore the next day.” – Avery, Grade 1, Stoney Creek Program

9. “Build your stamina over time with lots of practice.” – Eric, Grade 1, Stoney Creek Program

10. “Keep your body weight over your belt.” – Jack, Grade 5, Wheatland Elementary School

11. “Remember to listen to your body.” – Justine, Grade 6, Wheatland Elementary School 

12. “Don’t try to keep up with one of your best friends. Run your speed.” – Nathan, Grade 5, Wheatland Elementary

13. “Add a bit every time! Even if it’s 100m or 30 seconds, it will help you out when it counts.” – Shelby, Grade 6, Wheatland Elementary

14. “Be active every day.” – Fraser, Grade 6, Westglen

15. “Keep your legs moving and don’t overstride.” – Lydia, Grade 6, Westglen

If you or your run club participants have tips of your own to share please send them to hayley@everactive.org and you could be featured on a future blog post!