Running at Veteran School

By Taniell, grade 4 student and AMA Youth Run Club participant

Hi,my name is Taniell. I am from Veteran School. I run because it keeps me healthy. I am in grade 4 and I have entered lots of races. I really enjoy it. This year at our school we got a new principal and she loves running too! So we talked about it for a while with some students and then we decided that we should start a running club. 

This fall we ran two times every week (Sept and October). The distance was about 1km. When it got colder outside, we stopped running. Now during the winter months, we are fundraising for the Run Club. Every Tuesday in January we sell hot chocolate and healthy cookies outside at morning recess.

When Spring comes, we will start running again. Our goal for this year is to get students to join (grade 1-9) and also to host a race for our entire school division (Prairie Land Regional Division). We are looking forward to the Spring.