AMA Youth Run Club Ambassador Inspires Youth in Peerless Lake

Written by: Sissy Thiessen, Resiliency Coordinator, Ever Active Schools


Earlier this month, AMA Youth Run Club Ambassador and World Indigenous Games gold medalist runner Rilee Manybears traveled from Siksika Nation to visit Peerless Lake School. Rilee showed staff and students his episode of the "Failure Way" video series, which tells his incredible story of overcoming many obstacles, working hard and achieving goals.

Rilee joined students in their physical education classes, as well as the Peerless Lake Predators Run Club after school to compete in obstacle races, outdoor runs and other games.

Prior to Rilee’s visit, a Grade 11 student didn't attend school for over one month. The day that Rilee came and delivered his messages of hope and encouragement, this student not only came to school, but arrived on time. The student continued to come to school in the days following the visit, which speaks to the powerful impact Rilee had on the school’s youth.

We would like to acknowledge JumpStart’s commitment to healthy school communities, which helps make this program possible through their funding and support.